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Symfony 1.4 Beginners’s Guide by a beginner

When I began to learn Symfony, I followed the Jobeet tutorial without really understanding a thing. I mean by that a simple thing: I need to understand what I’m doing by myself with my own errors, so that, I can take notes. Jobeet is certainly covering a lot but it’s not describing how to set the framework within Wamp (or EasyPHP or LAMP or XXAMP), it’s not telling you how to integrate it into Netbeans (but Netbeans does explain it), it’s not indicating you clearly what you have in your schema when it comes to relationships (I found what I wanted on blogs and by asking help), it’s not developping so much about the sfDoctrineGuardPlugin when they’re using it, they’re not really clear about forms (I had to google it and find documentation… which is not linked anymore on the official website despite having useful appendices) and even the community around isn’t always clear (see the wiki).

So, well, I’m satisfying my needs to write something about it, so that it reflects my experience of newbie. I will speak as a newbie, not as an expert (as I’m not one), I will try to be clear as English isn’t my native language and less the technical part of it.

Besides, this tutorial isn’t for setting a project, it’s for using as a test and try to understand the framework and how it works. I know that my framework is currently placed where it shouldn’t (not outside the whole Wamp folder but in it), that I’m probably doing some things wrongly but if it can help to get a better understanding of symfony, why not? You’ll still find answers around the web.

What I am using to make this work:

I already know that some of you will say that I should try what Jobeet is saying but it’s like you were asking me to understand Chinese. In other words, I’m lazy, I don’t want to annoy my computer, mainly if it’s the one at work, I’m not into servers or anything related to hardware or core of my OS, I’m just someone who needs to learn to code with symfony and not to loose 2 days by trying to make it work in Wamp when the tutorials about it are speaking about PEAR which refused to work.

I want to conclude by incitating you to search for improvements once you’re sure you understand the bases of symfony. Don’t forget to check plugins or to ask you what to do for safety. Do what you can in order to have a better use of the framework.

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